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Idea, Innovation & Initiate (I-3)

This online course aims to give the participants a brief idea about the steps to start a new enterprise, to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, impacts and sustainability of the business through developing a culture of innovation and continuous improvement of the products and customer services.

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only
  • Course Number WETPPSC
  • Classes Start
  • Course Length 8 weeks
  • FORMAT Online


The training targets to enhance the capacity of aspiring entrepreneurs to recognize commercial opportunities, self-esteem, knowledge and skills to act on them, so that they can cultivate unique skills and think outside the box to transform their ideas to innovation and initiate successfully

  • Understand the basic features of entrepreneurship and business planning canvas
  • Design innovative product/services as well as process
  • Identify the pain-points and innovative solutions
  • Design and manage a scalable enterprise
  • Identify customers/beneficiaries and their true demand
  • Identify business risks and mitigation strategies
  • Understand the concept of market, value proposition, revenue generation and linkage/network and partnership development
  • Understand the meaning of leadership, management, social responsibilities and their inter-linkages


  • Currently enrolled students and alumni of Brac University

  • Aspiring drive to lead with innovative ideas

  • Have compatible device (smartphone, laptop/desktop PC) with internet connectivity

Who Enroll

Course Features

  • Application of 'Design Thinking' approach

  • Innovation for a sustainable and scalable business

  • Idea generation and business development

  • Renowned and experienced trainers

  • Successful participants will get the mentorship for Business Plan Competition - Round 6

  • Mentorship and financial support (500,000 - interest free seed loan) for the winner of Business Plan Competition to implement their innovative ideas

  • Incubation support for the winner under the Business Incubation Center (BIC), CED, Brac University

  • Participatory learning approach

  • Fully funded online course by CED


Shamim Ehsanul Haque

Shamim E Haque

Assistant Professor, BBS
Senior Reasearch Fellow, CED, BracU

Afshana Choudhury

Afshana Choudhury

Deputy Director, CED, BracU

Sabrina Nourin

Sabrina Nourin

Course Coordinator, CED, BracU

Sabrina Nourin

Iffat Enam

Assistant Program Manager (Finance), CED, BracU